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Vada Giguere


Meet Vada, a seasoned professional, with a diverse background in customer service and culinary arts. Vada has earned her stripes as a certified Chef and skilled butcher-showcasing artistry with ingredients and a commitment to the highest culinary standards. Excelling under the intense spotlight of high-pressure environments, Vada has not only thrived but emerged victorious, achieving prestigious placements in a multitude of culinary competitions on local, provincial, national, and international stages, including Dubai.

Since joining our team in late 2023, Vada has become a wealth of knowledge, fueled by an insatiable desire for learning and an unwavering commitment towards excellence. A diligent researcher and devoted professional, she continuously educates in the intricacies of the industry. Tirelessly working long hours to provide clients with superior customer service. Vada’s remarkable trajectory in the commercial real estate landscape, marked by her unique blend of expertise and passion, promises an extraordinary journey as she continues to redefine excellence as she grows and works towards her commercial real estate license.

Progress & Stats

Property Location

  • 80% Edmonton
  • 20% St.Albert

Property Type

  • 30% Medical Office
  • 30% Office
  • 30% Office/Retail
  • 10% Office/Warehouse
  • 30% Restaurant
  • 40% Retail

Property Status

  • 60% For Lease
  • 30% For Sale
  • 10% LEASED

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