Vanina Alfaro

Vanina Alfaro

Unlicensed Assistant

Vanina has over seven years of experience in customer service, sales, and hospitality in Chile, New Zealand, and Canada. Real Estate has always grabbed her attention as she believes she has the right personality for this rewarding profession. Combined with her passion for outstanding customer service, Vanina believes Lizotte and Associates Real Estate Inc. is the perfect fit for her to gain the knowledge she needs to obtain her real estate license and become a real estate associate.

Vanina loves traveling and has lived abroad for ten years, but recently moved back to Canada to settle down with her husband and his 3-year-old son. During her time visiting other countries and enjoying their cultures, Vanina has discovered that people always look for the best service, and it doesn’t matter where you are, or where you are from; outstanding service is what keeps people coming back to you.

Vanina has a huge passion for languages and speaks Spanish and English. Her future goal is to learn French and Japanese. When Vanina is not spending time with her family or at work, she enjoys studying languages, listening to music, and being outside on walks around the park.

Office: 7807849585